Violencia Rivas


Ever heard of Violencia Rivas? But yes, of course! It was she who invented punk, in Argentina at the end of the sixties, well before the British. She now has her own show in which she destroys both capitalism and her own TV set. Want another scoop? Despite her crazy fame in Latin America, Violencia Rivas does not exist. Created by two Argentines in 2009, this brilliantly excessive caricature now inspires a duet in Léa Pohlhammer. Eager to finally be able to say and do on stage what she would never dare to in real life, the actress creates her own Violencia Rivas, a cross between the original and the trashy tandem of the British series Absolutely Fabulous. A jubilant outpouring of all that is raging, to laugh together at our absurd and cruel world.



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30 April - 10 Mai 2021

10 - 30 CHF


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