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Do you love Geneva and know its every corner?

Join the Geneva Insiders community and share your tips and favourite places to help your city shine!

Do you also believe that Geneva’s secrets are too well kept and that the thriving city YOU know is full of inspiring activities and unique places?

Help us spread the word about Geneva’s true energy!

Our visitors want to know about the Geneva lifestyle and Geneva Insiders are here to inspire them!

Join the Geneva Insiders community and share your favourite things to do, must-see events, unique places to go and favourite walks.

Your goal

Your aim will be to showcase the Geneva you love via your social networks, blog, circle of friends, professional network and participation in our actions!


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  • You will be able to showcase, share and enhance your passion for Geneva while gaining visibility.
  • You will benefit from a network of people who share the same love for their city to network, create opportunities and facilitate exchanges.
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  • You will receive two invitations to the Geneva Insiders Celebration with many surprises in store!


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