5 senses chocolate experience

Today, in Geneva, we explain how you can taste Swiss chocolate using all five senses. An art that requires a little patience and mastery from chocolate connoisseurs ...who cannot resist the taste ...for even a second. Does your mouth water when you see a square of chocolate? So, speaking of the sight...
The sight

The colour of the chocolate is very important, it tells us a lot about the origin and type of cocoa bean used, and how the chocolate was processed.

Did you know that a new type of chocolate has recently been discovered and it has a very special colour?

Natural pink chocolate? Yes, ruby chocolate!

ruby chocolate
The smell

Gently hold the piece of chocolate to your nose and concentrate, using a sense that is not often used in everyday life.

It is often difficult to identify subtle flavours because our sense of smell is not very active when we eat.

Smell your piece of chocolate - immerse yourself in a chocolatey world and try to guess what the scent is? With a little practice, you will be able to recognise the most refined notes!

The sound

Listening to chocolate? What a strange idea!

‘Eat me, eat me, eat me’ is all it seems to say.

Although chocolate can’t talk, if you break a piece close to your ear, it will tell you a lot. Hear the difference between a piece of dark chocolate or milk chocolate by the noise it makes when you break it in half.

The touch

When it comes into contact with your fingers and body heat, a piece of fine chocolate will start to melt. This is completely normal and a sign of high quality.

The substance that melts is cocoa butter, an expensive special substance that is sometimes replaced by cheaper materials in processed chocolate. Have fun checking the packaging!

The taste

Of course! The meaning that makes our mouths water, that makes us sparkle with joy. Masters of the explosion of flavours in your mouth, your taste buds recognise the flavour of chocolate and know how to savour it as it should be savoured. From the very first moment, the chocolate melts in your mouth!

Did you know that some types of chocolate still release their molecules ten minutes after the first taste? An ideal solution for keeping one's figure.