The ultimate Geneva City bucket list

1) Taste the new ruby chocolate

It is prepared from a new type of cocoa bean and is now included in the repertoire of the most famous Swiss chocolate makers.

It is available only in the choicest locations, is naturally pink and incredibly tasty. We are delighted to present the ruby chocolate to you!

Don't miss the chance to taste this beautiful, well-kept secret and enjoy! 

ruby chocolate
2) Get wet under the giant water fountain

With a height of 140 metres, Geneva's amazing and powerful water fountain is a true highlight.

During hot summers, enjoy a walk to the famous “Jet d’eau” and get up close: You will be covered in a refreshing gush of water spray.

jet d'eau
3) Climb up to the cathedral and take a panoramic selfie

There are many steps to climb but the view is definitely worth it.

The Cathedral of Saint Pierre sits on the peak of the hill which is home to the Old Town and offers a 360° panorama of the lake and the city. 

Saint-Peters cathedral sun
4) Take a “mouette” boat to cross the lake

With their fresh red and yellow colours, these small little boats cross the lake every 10 to 20 minutes according to the destination.

You can travel with your bus ticket and enjoy the ride as long as you want! 

mouette boat trip in leman lake
5) Paddle on the lake with a view of the Mont-Blanc
Taking in the breathtaking view while keeping one’s balance on a paddleboard is certainly not easy. But you will enjoy this experience so much that it is worth risking a fall into the clear, lovely water! 
jet d'eau paddle
6) Watch a movie at the open-air cinema with lakeview

Bring a picnic with you, sit down comfortably on a blanket or sunbed and relax, the movie is about to start … if you just turn your head a little, you will see the glittering lake and if you look up, you will behold a canopy of stars.

Could there be any greater cinematic experience? A beautiful moment of cinema that you just can’t miss!

open air cinema night with people
7) Watch the rivers meet

They are different in origin, colour, speed and behaviour, but they meet in Geneva to become one. The merging rivers Arve and Rhône display a most beautiful phenomenon of nature at La Jonction.

Go and have a look!

You won't be disappointed.

jonction between Rhone and Arve
8) Have a drink in a jacuzzi with mountain view

We all like bubbles, to relax and perhaps have a drink.

Here you can do both!

Do not miss the rooftop jacuzzi at the Bains Bleus Spa, where you can chill with a view of the Jura mountains and raise a glass of your favourite drink.

bain bleu jacuzzi couple
9) Take the cable car to the Salève Mountain and enjoy Geneva from the top

Take a ride in the fresh air and enjoy the view!

The famous cable car of the Salève conveys you up the mountain in just 5 minutes to admire the incredible view of Lake Geneva and Geneva city.

Can you spot the Jet d’eau? Enjoy a beautiful stroll in pure nature and breathe in fresh air.

saleve telepherique
10) Try Swiss cheese and learn about real Cheese Fondue

Swiss cows are such stars, and as they relax in the most beautiful landscapes of Europe, they definitely produce the best milk. And what do we do with the best milk?

We make the best cheese. Yummy, it tastes like pure pleasure… Try an amazing fondue at one of the traditional restaurants or even on a cruise! And you can even learn to prepare it yourself during a fondue workshop!

traditionnal swiss fondue
11) Join a wine tasting and discover the secrets of the region

Talking about cheese, isn’t it time to taste the wine?

The Geneva region also has its well-kept treasures when it comes to wine. Join a wine tour or a tasting in a cave or vineyard to discover the sweet flavours of the Switzerland's third wine-producing canton.

wine testing friends