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Bar à chocolats Favarger

Favarger chocolate bar

Enjoy masterful chocolate creations

When it comes to feel-good factor, there is very little that competes with chocolate! For the ultimate self treat, visit Geneva’s first fresh chocolate tasting bar at Favarger, one of the biggest names in Swiss chocolate.

The chocolate bar is a gourmet immersion and sensual experience. High wooden tables, elegant bar stools, subdued lights, jazzy music, retro-chic ambiance and of course the best selection of quality chocolate you can imagine.

Melt-in-the-middle or crunchy pralines, heart-shaped ganaches, black chocolates and colourful domes: Choose a plate of 6 gourmet chocolates (there are 8 different themes to choose from) and let your tastebuds explode as they explore new and exciting tastes and combinations.
Enjoy your tasting plate with a cup of coffee or another drink and take home your favourites in pretty little boxes.



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Quai des Bergues 19 - 1201 Genève
Telephone: 022 547 54 00