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Hôpital de La Tour


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Hôpital de La Tour is a private, independent, human-sized facility offering high-level acute care. Committed to delivering the best quality of life to its patients, La Tour places continuous improvement and medical excellence at the heart of its priorities. The hospital’s ambitions are backed by highly skilled doctors and nursing staff, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure.
In fact, La Tour is the only private institution in French-speaking Switzerland to offer 24/7 emergency care, internal medicine, intensive and continuous care, as well as pneumology services for acute care. It is also equipped with an intermediate neonatal care unit and a sports-medicine facility as part of the Swiss Olympic Medical Center.
Officially sanctioned by the Canton of Geneva, La Tour is able, in some specific cases, to welcome patients without supplemental insurance. Likewise, ambulatory consultations are accessible to anyone with basic Swiss health coverage (LAMal).
Hôpital de La Tour’s annual figures include:
- 7,000 inpatients
- 336,000 outpatients including 46,000 emergencies
- 6,400 surgeries
- 41 doctors trained in 11 medical disciplines
- 1,030 employees
- 511 active licensed doctors.


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Avenue J.D. Maillard 3 - 1217 Meyrin
Telephone: +41 22 719 61 11