Rent a canoe-kayak Introduction to rafting, and an outing on Lake Geneva.


  • Adult price: 15 CHF
  • Geneva Pass discount: - 10%

Conditions Duration:
1h-2h-4h-1 day-2 days

15 CHF-25 CHF-40 CHF-60 CHF-100 CHF

2 seats:
20 CHF-35 CHF-60 CHF-90 CHF-150 CHF

3 seats:
25 CHF-40 CHF-70 CHF-100 CHF-160 CHF

4 seats:
30 CHF-40 CHF-70 CHF-110 CHF-170CHF

Single-seater in fiber:
25 CHF-40 CHF-60 CHF-90 CHF-150 CHF