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Trip Trap

Enter a fantasy world!

Trip Trap is an original collaborative Live Escape Game, designed and crafted in Geneva. Groups of friends and families wishing to come try a fun and captivating experience, Trip Trap is for you.

Toothless pirate in the Caribbean seas, member of an influential Geneva secret society or unsuspecting guest of creepy Louisianan mansion, you are prisoners of Trip Trap. Slip into the shoes of an adventurer and regain your freedom in 60 minutes, not one minute more.
To have a chance to get away, you will have to be curious, imaginative, daring for the puzzles are challenging and the clock is ticking… don’t waste any time!


140 CHF

Trip Trap. How does it work ?

1) Form a team of friends/colleagues
2) Enter a theme room
3) Uncover its secrets
4) Complete the challenge in 60 minutes or less

Price: 140CHF per gaming session (for the whole team, not per player)

Number of players: A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 players per theme room


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Chemin de la Gravière 6 - 1227 Les Acacias