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FIRE OF EMOTIONS : NIAGARA 3000 / Pamina de Coulon (event in French)


Pamina de Coulon is back with the fourth installment of her FIRE OF EMOTIONS saga.

Welcome back Pamina de Coulon and the fourth installment of her FIRE OF EMOTIONS saga. The starting point for this vast transdisciplinary research, which began in 2014, was political and philosophical questioning of the relationship between humans and time - and the different conceptions and experiences we have of it.

Pamina de Coulon practices the spoken essay, as she herself puts it; and she speaks Pamina, a lot, and she takes us into the meanders of her thought, she bounces off a reading, shares it with us, she digresses, for a long time, to always get back on her feet. Above all, she never lets go, giving us everything she's got.

With NIAGARA 3000, she talks about water, the water of tears, the water of rivers, but also of dams and turbines. And from energy, we think of national parks, and then of colonial domination everywhere. As she puts it, "NIAGARA 3000 is a methodology, a spoken post-ironic and pro-candle essay".

Pamina de Coulon is in the world, at the center of things, all the time; she kneads the world-matter, kneads it, questions it, broods over it, and delivers it to us unabashedly, as she is, straight in her boots and direct. And despite all her doubts and fears, we follow her wherever she takes us.

©Myriam Schüssler ©Mathilde Widmann



28 - 29 September 2023

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