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Jimmy the Kid


Attention : show in French!

After the success met by Jimmy the Kid back during its creation in spring 2019, the Théâtre du Loup is proud to present the remake of this ironic thriller show, in which the 10 years old hero pits himself against the most famous thief of American litterature: John Dortmunder.

Still flanked by his likeable gang of crooks, Dortmunder organises – not without difficulty – the kidnapping of a rich lawyer’s kid (the Jimmy of the title!), all the while following the storyline of a book one of his fellow criminals read in prison! But of course, reality will go miles beyond fiction…

A Théâtre du Loup superproduction that gathers no less than 11 actors – two of them being the two boys who alternate in the main part – Jimmy the Kid makes us dive into the New York of the seventies, combining iconic images of the time with a sophisticated vintage soundtrack, a scenery in the shape of a three-floor building and – above all – the corrosive humour of author Donald Westlake.



See on http://www.theatreduloup.ch/


6 - 18 July 2021

10 - 25 CHF


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