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Laterna Magica


As a child, Ingmar Bergman used to turn the closet of his punishments into a dark room. Armed with a flashlight, he projected the films of his imagination. This anecdote, the great Swedish master of the stage and the screen recorded in Laterna Magica, his "antememoires". A labyrinthine book, free from all chronology, steeped in humor and annoyances, astonishing testimony of lived austerities but also of splendor. Without trying to "play Bergman", Dorian Rossel reveals the memorial and creative processes of a life at work, tracing in the light the contours of this protean genius. Like a window to a mental universe under construction, we walk together in Bergman's half-open head. An observation post to push back the darkness.



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18 - 22 May 2021

10 - 30 CHF


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Le Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève
Rue du Temple 5 - 1201 Genève
Telephone: +41 22 908 20 00