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Shooting Geneva - redux


Following the enthusiasm raised by the first edition (2018), Geneva makes its cinema again!. The main exhibition is based on an enormous number of films set in Geneva, from « Vie Privée » (Malle, 1962) to « The Wolf of Wall Street » (Scorsese, 2013), from « La Lune avec les dents » (Soutter, 1966) to « Jonas » who will be 25 in the year 2000 (Tanner, 1976). On the program: more than 120 video extracts (including about 20 new releases since 2018) classified by theme, but also a retrospective of must-see films, in collaboration with the GIFF (Geneva International Film Festival) selection, screened in their original format.
Also on the program: round tables to highlight the rich relationship between the city at the end of the lake and the seventh art.



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5 November - 17 December 2021

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Le Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève
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