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The Comic Tragedy


English and French surtitles Friday 5 and Sunday 7 March

A timeless gem. I first discovered this delight of a show at the Théâtre Saint-Gervais in 1989, while I was working there to pay for drama school. Every night, I watched the show from the lobby and every night, I couldn’t help but be blown away. In the packed auditorium, the audience was gripped: they roared with laughter and were moved to tears, almost simultaneously. In 2013, we welcomed Bonfanti and Hunstad’s incredible By the Water, a hilarious, off-the-wall show that seemed to write itself before our very eyes, and for me there is no greater tribute to the theatre and its players than to revive this Comic Tragedy - a divine invitation to have a party!

Jean Liermier



See on http://theatredecarouge.ch/


5 - 17 May 2021

10 - 40 CHF


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