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This is not a love song


"There is not sexual intercourse." It all started with this sentence from Lacan, which I don't get. Alright. Let's take a stage, a girl, a boy, and let's give it a shot. Sometimes I do wonder: what can I touch about you? What do you touch of me when you enter me? What is this envy I have sometimes to go through you? Something is being traded, maybe liquids, maybe words. But if I say "we are close", where is the touching point? This is not a love song may not be a love song, but it is a performance that thrusts us towards the other, towards the others. Like sexual intercourse. And like theatre too. So let's give it a shot, to see "if it touches".



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6 - 12 October 2020

10 CHF


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Le Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève
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