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Tout le plaisir est pour moi


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They are a collective of actresses. Women who question – from their own different ages, bodies, stories, visions – the topic of intimacy, their relation to their sexuality, desire and pleasure, in order to talk about what has been made invisible yet is still furiously exhibited: female sex. On the stage, the words invade everything, shake up the objectifying of bodies, the frontiers, the taboos, the internalisations, but also the joys and exaltations.

Built on testimonies and personal stories, Tout le plaisir est pour moi is a dialogue, a poem, a play laid on paper, which tells us – with enjoyment and without any taboo nor constraint – about the sexualities of women.



See on http://www.theatreduloup.ch/


2 - 17 June 2021

10 - 25 CHF


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Théâtre du Loup
Chemin de la Gravière 10 - 1227 Carouge
Telephone: +41 22 301 31 00