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Emilie “Les Petits Genevois”

Hi, I’m Emilie!

I’m the mother of two little girls who are, in all objectivity, absolutely marvellous (what can I say?). Since their birth I have been discovering Geneva, the city where I was born and grew up, in a new light. And it’s really great!


“A surprising city with plenty to offer”

What does Geneva represent for you?

It’s is the city of my childhood, I have so many memories here! What I particularly appreciate are its different facets and contrasts: you can go for an ice-cream at the foot of the Jet d’eau, get on your bike and in a few minutes, you can be in the middle of the countryside for a walk in the vineyards.

emilie les petits genevois vineyards
emilie les petits genevois vineyards

Your favourite activities in Geneva?

We love crossing the lake on the Mouette boat shuttle: climbing aboard the small yellow boats feels exotic. When the weather is nice I take the children to the Botanical Garden in Geneva. You can stay there for hours, wandering along the pathways, discovering the tropical greenhouses and greeting peacocks as they stroll through the park…

emilie les petits genevois jardin botanique chaise
emilie les petits genevois jardin botanique chaise

Conservatory and Botanical Garden

A living museum, the botanical gardens present a collection of more than 12,000 species!
conservatory and botanical garden
emilie les petits genevois ferme de platton
emilie les petits genevois ferme de platton

Any secret places to enjoy Geneva?

We love the Ferme de Platton in the Geneva countryside where there are lots of animals and where you can also pick vegetables. Otherwise, my favourite place is the Jardin de la Paix. Located between Parc Trembley and the Promenade des Crêts, this little corner of paradise is a great place to think and relax. But shhh… It’s a secret!


If you had to describe Geneva in one sentence…

A surprising city with plenty to offer.

Friends are visiting, where do you take them?

We head directly to the Bains des Pâquis, either in summer for a little swim or in winter to admire the landscape and eat a delicious fondue.

bains des paquis
bains des paquis

Pâquis Bath (Bains des Pâquis)

The ‘city beach’ lies just a few metres from the Jet d’Eau. The Pâquis Bath (Bains des Pâquis) offers a splendid view of the lake.
paquis bath-bains des paquis