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Nadine Graves

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I am a 38 year old yoga girl living in Geneva. I moved to Switzerland with my family at the age of 10. In my teenage years and as a young adult, I longed to explore the world and I was lucky enough to live in several countries such as the UK, the US and Argentina. Yet Switzerland was always the place I called home and where my roots were. This also pushed me to get the citizenship about a decade ago. In terms of studies and career, I completed an MA at St. Andrews University in Scotland while then working as a PA for CEOs for several years. However, I could feel that something was missing. I therefore decided to take a leap of faith and follow my passion ! I became a yoga teacher. Today I teach Prenatal, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga at different venues, such as Alive studio in Eaux-Vives or the beautiful spa hotel de La Réserve as well as giving classes online. It's an exciting journey despite all the hard work and challenges but I wouldn't change a thing. I am so happy to be able to help and encourage people here to feel stronger, more balanced and happier in their mind and in their body through yoga, meditation and breath-work. It really changes your life and my goal is to put people on the right track and become their best version.


“Peaceful, green, quiet and international”

nadine graves perle du lac nature
Nadine Graves

What does Geneva represent for you?

Geneva represents my home. I really like how international it is. It is such a beautiful and green city and I feel so blessed to live here! I can't imagine leaving this country. I love traveling and visiting other countries too but I am very happy here.


"Geneva represents my home. I really like how international it is."

What are your favourite activities in Geneva ?

I love teaching yoga, going out to restaurants, wine tasting in the vineyards outside Geneva, going to dance classes, walking around town and meeting up with friends for coffees or a glass of wine !

nadine graves vineyards
nadine graves vineyards
nadine graves old town
nadine graves old town

Do you have any secret spots in Geneva ?

I love hanging out at my yoga studio Alive (vegan café) before or after my yoga classes and having lunches at Enfaim in Eaux-Vives, at café Papon in town centre or at the Cottage on the beautiful terrace in the summer.

You will also find me eating a good pizza at Expresso Club or going to Nagomi for authentic Japanese food. I’m a real foodie I guess.


How would you describe Geneva in one sentence ?

Peaceful, green, quiet and international.

nadine graves geneva peaceful
nadine graves geneva peaceful

Where would you bring your friends to if they came to visit Geneva ?

In general, I love having them at home and cooking for them. Otherwise, I love to go out to Decanteur or Izumi for drinks, Alma or Yakumanka for dinner and take them out to Carouge. I find Carouge very cute with many nice cafés and restaurants. I also like to take them to countryside restaurants to get a real feel and taste of the typical dishes such as Café Babel, Cafe du Dully and Café du Raisin amongst so many others. I live to eat I guess so I love sharing beautiful moments amongst good food and wine with my friends and family! 

nadine graves carouge
nadine graves carouge

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