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Samira Hamdani

My name is Samira Hamdani

I was born in Geneva of a Swiss mother and an Algerian father. I have always lived in this cosmopolitan city. Curiosity and a thirst for discovery are part of my DNA, which is why I launched the web magazine “Color my Geneva” in 2011. Having travelled a little, I realised how lucky I was to have grown up in Switzerland, in a country that is so free in terms of human rights and cultural richness. I was always pleasantly surprised by the variety of leisure activities on offer in relation to the size of the canton. It is this beautiful energy that I wanted to share with the people who live in this city.

What does Geneva mean to you?

Geneva is my hometown, my cosy nest. It is a symbol of peace, of Protestantism with its motto “Light after darkness” and internationalism. Coming from two different cultures, I have this ability to understand the Calvinist mentality that pervades the city and the way it works, and to emancipate myself from it thanks to my southern origins.


International Museum of the Reformation

The Reformation that changed the history of Europe. The International Museum of the Reformation (IMR) is housed in the prestigious 18th century Maison Mallet at Cour Saint-Pierre, the site of the former St Peter’s Cloister. 
international museum of the reformation

Your favourite activities in Geneva?

Don’t they say that the simple things are the best? I like to walk for an hour, whether it is in the Geneva countryside or by the lake or the Rhône. The whole canton is fully signposted in terms of hiking (walking time & direction), it’s fantastic! I also like to wander in museums on Sundays which offer exhibitions worthy of a huge city! As a good epicurean, I also roam the streets to discover new culinary delights, and believe me, I’ve rarely seen such a dynamic city from this point of view! Finally, I take a book and sit on a rock or order a lemonade on one of the many terraces, like the Paradis.

domaine stephane gros
domaine stephane gros

Your secret places to enjoy Geneva?

Geneva’s vineyards offer many walks away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, beautiful viewpoints and places to eat and drink, such as Stéphane Gros’ little corner of paradise or the Dugerdil Estate. On a different note entirely, the Plage des Berges in Vessy is the ideal place for reading enthusiasts who are in search of peace and quiet.

If you had to describe Geneva in one sentence?

Geneva is like a love affair where all the charisma and potential is revealed through discovery.

“Don’t they say that the simple things are the best? ”

wine header

All about wine in Geneva

Wine is an important industry on the shores of Lake Geneva and with their picturesque mountainous backdrop the winegrowing areas are well worth exploring, not to mention the wines. Swiss wines are light, easy to drink.
all about wine in the geneva region

Friends visit you in Geneva, where do you take them?

This city has many assets in addition to its famous tourist monuments. I start the day by suggesting a stroll on the cobblestones of the Old Town and climbing the steps of the Cathedral. The view from above is splendid and the Jet d’eau appears as the city’s guardian. We then go down to the Bastions side to discover the Reformation Wall and share a few words about the history of Geneva. Afterwards, a break is called for with a hot chocolate from one of our excellent chocolate makers. Another must-see is a ride on the Mouettes boat shuttle to the right bank to end the day in the Botanical Garden, among peacocks, tropical plants and oases of serenity.


Mouettes genevoises

Pick up the Geneva Transport Card at the hotel check-in and don't miss the Mouettes genevoises shuttle boat for free trips back and forth across Lake Geneva. Boats run every 10 minutes, allowing for ease of travel from one side to the other, especially welcome after a day of retail therapy.
mouettes genevoises

The Reformation Wall, a monumental homage

Four men, one wall, one story.
the reformation wall-a monumental homage