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Rhone Route

Cycling the Rhone route

26km along the river and into the countryside

Experience the beauty of the banks of the Rhone River and the Geneva countryside through vineyards and fields to Chancy.


Length: 26km

Road and trails: Asphalted: 23 km, Natural surface: 3 km

Ascent | Descent: 320 m | 280 m

Level: Easy

Route du Rhone bike Geneva
Route du Rhone bike Geneva
Route du Rhone bike Geneva
Route du Rhone bike Geneva
Route du Rhone bike Geneva
Route du Rhone bike Geneva


You cross the Rhone river for the first time near the Geneva train station. At St-Gervais, on the "Quai des Moulins", an impressive riverside road was built in 1888, which today is used by walkers, joggers and cyclists. Of course, there are no mills in operation any more. From here you can see Geneva's landmark, the water fountain in the lake basin. Its water sprays as high as 140 metres into the sky. The Geneva suburbs Petit-Lancy, Onex and Confignon are just as lively. As you reach Bernex, the landscapes become rural and dotted with garden plots. Although the city with all its attractions has been quite interesting, a certain breathing space is welcome now.

The dam "Barrage de Verbois" is situated between the municipalities of Aire-la-Ville and Russin. The wall of the river power plant is 34 metres high and boasts a great view of the impressive solar collectors and the nearby nature reserve. The largest fish ladder in Switzerland with 107 basins is also found here. There are two possibilities to get to Avully afterwards: If the ground is wet, the winding route via Russin might make sense. However, the route through the "Teppes de Verbois" nature reserve is very beautiful with its winding trail along the river. Numerous bird and other animal species can be discovered at the various observation posts.

The Rhone is crossed one last time in La Plaine. The bridge is wide and the river winds its leisurely way along the Swiss-French border. The narrow village passages of Avully and Chancy have a French touch. After Chancy you take a last look over the pretty "Champagne" region before the road continues towards the forest and up to the French border. Here the National Rhone Route No. 1 is finally replaced by the ViaRhôna. To follow it all the way to the Mediterranean would mean having to cycle another 700 kilometres to enjoy a lot of cultural history, highly perched villages, lavender fields (should they be in bloom), gnarled olive trees and numerous vineyards.

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