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Hôtel La Cour des Augustins

A distinctly urban style

Tucked away in Geneva’s Latin Quarter, La Cour des Augustins is an innovatively designed hotel with a distinctly urban style. It modernises the boutique hotel concept, combining architectural heritage with contemporary interior design.
Far from the city’s busy main roads and right in the heart of Genevan life, you can easily stroll through the Old Town, the art and business districts, and the charming Sardinian village of Carouge.
The concept was designed in collaboration with the Swiss designer Philippe Cramer, based on the idea of personalised and diverse spaces. The hotel harmoniously and subtly blends modern and classic design.
With 16 rooms and 24 suites that masterfully combine design and comfort, the hotel is comprised of two buildings from the 1850s. Both buildings were fully renovated in 2006 and are connected by an interior courtyard. Each room and suite has a unique and specific style, with contemporary designer furniture and objects.



In Geneva’s Latin Quarter


16 rooms and 24 suites that masterfully combine design and comfort



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Hôtel La Cour des Augustins
Rue Jean-Violette 15 - 1205 Genève
Telephone: +41 22 322 21 00
Public transport: Tram N°12 & 18, Stop: ''Pont d'Arve'' / Tram N° 15, Stop: UniMail