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Swiss wine tour

Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland, land of high-quality wine !

Discover and book carefully selected wine tourism activities based on a national quality concept.

Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland, land of high-quality wine !

The Swiss Wine Tour takes you on a discovery of Switzerland’s gorgeous vineyards. Featuring tastings, workshops, wine walks, and escape games in the heart of the vineyards, here’s a selection of experiences for you to book so you may learn everything about Geneva’s great vintages! Discover the many facets of this new wine tourism destination set in the heart of the Alps!

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The Swiss vineyard

Swiss is an alpine terroir where the Alps account for two thirds of the country, followed by the Plateau and the Jura, this is why Switzerland claims an alpine character.
The vineyards are distributed according to the same proportion and are relatively high in altitude – 270 m (Ticino) and 1,100 m (Valais) – often in areas with steep slopes.
In the winter it is not unusual to see snow in the vineyards. The average annual temperatures are between 9 degrees (Swiss German) and 12 degrees (Ticino). Indeed Switzerland is one of the cool climate wine producers.

Pioneer and welcoming: the Geneva vineyard

Pioneers in terms of appellation, grape varieties or wine tourism, Geneva producers invite you to discover the third largest vineyard in Switzerland: Geneva.
They were the first to set up a controlled designation of origin. They were pioneers when it came to transforming the vineyard to meet new consumer demands. While the concept of wine tourism had not yet been thought out, they created Open Cellars from which all the other Swiss regions were inspired. They ? The Geneva winegrowers! In a countryside as little known as it is preserved a few kilometers from the banking district or the UN headquarters, plots of Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir thrive. Under the gaze of the Salève, the emblematic mountain of the region, a little more confidential specialties also thrive.
Here, open cellars rhyme with every Saturday. So, no hesitation! Come and discover the westernmost vineyard in Switzerland.