Welcome to the CERN

Discover the largest particle physics laboratory in the World.

There are many options to visit this giant of science. Two permanent exhibitions, guided tours and a cycle route engage you in the discovery of particle physics.


In the Universe of Particles exhibition, explore the issues CERN's physicists are trying to solve: given that the entire universe is made of particles, where do they come from? Why do they behave in the way they do?

Discover the massive apparatus used by physicists at CERN and how the developed technologies impact your everyday life at the Microcosm exhibition. Interview engineers and physicists on their daily job.

And if you have more time on site, follow the LHC circuit at ground level with the Passport to the Big Bang cycle path, to understand in situ this giant machine.

Guided tours available by reservation only.

More information: http://visit.cern

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