geneva, a watchmaking gem: 24 hours of time

What if you were a master at the art of taking your time?
Geneva gives you the time in a thousand and one ways and encourages you to admire the city’s many watchmaking symbols as well as the most prestigious watch brands. For a day, live in the ticktock of Geneva and soak up the local expertise. 
After a tasty breakfast at your hotel, set out on the Geneva Watch Tour, an authentic walk through Geneva's world of expertise, at your own pace and in complete freedom.
1) Pont de la Machine
The walk starts on the Pont de la Machine at the Cité du Temps, a cult place for fans of the Swatch brand, with its permanent collection exhibition.
2) Quai Général Guisan
Then, continue along the shore of the lake to the sundial at Quai Général-Guisan. Here, a stone’s throw from the Mont Blanc bridge, you can sunbathe with precision! This magnificent sundial gives you the exact time. A bright point projected through a hole indicates the height of the sun, allowing the date to be read off.
Cité du temps
3) Flower Clock

It's time to go to the famous Flower Clock.

In Geneva, we even tell the time with flowers! The floral dial at the entrance to the Jardin anglais is made up of more than 12,000 plants and is regularly adorned in new colours with the changing of the seasons.

And we must confess a little secret, the second hand that indicates the seconds is the largest in the world at 2.5 metres.

horloge fleurie
4) Jet d'eau

Head for the Jet d'Eau by passing through the Jardin anglais.

Have a cup of coffee and listen to this anecdote: The famous Jet d'Eau of Geneva is almost the result of coincidence. In 1886, the hydraulic plant which distributed the driving force of the Rhône to the craftsmen and watchmakers of Geneva was obligated to create an open evacuation of the water in overpressure, when the workshops closed at night.

The place became so popular and the enthusiasm so great that the Jet d'Eau was born.

jet d'eau
5) Rue du Rhône

After this pleasant break in view of the lake, come back by the famous Rue du Rhône.

Between the lake and the old town, its windows twinkle with a thousand lights. The greatest names in fine watchmaking worldwide, jewellery and fashion exhibit their latest creations here. Get ready for a touch of madness, you won’t be able to resist.

6) Passage Malbuisson

Take the Passage Malbuisson, here a surprising curiosity brings automatons and watchmaking together!

Every hour, the 16 bells of the carillon start playing a traditional Genevan tune. Then, under the dial, a door opens on each side to make way for an entertaining parade of 42 bronze figurines and 13 horses.

horloge malbuisson
7) Old town

Cross the charming old town and its remarkable medieval architecture to reach the Parc des Bastions and the Reformation Wall.

Take the time to contemplate the four monumental statues of the Reformation Wall, including that of John Calvin who left an unexpected legacy in Geneva: When he promulgated the ban on displaying external signs of wealth in 1541, jewellers and goldsmiths had to retrain as watchmakers in order to create luxurious yet discreet watches.

In this way, thanks to their expertise and exceptional creativity, Geneva became the capital of luxury watchmaking in just a few years.

old town
8) Patek Philippe Museum
If you are not short on time, go near the university to observe the public clock “What time is it? ” which, composed of a system of rotary flaps identical to those of airports, displays the time to the minute. A real place of aesthetics and emotions! Then head to the Patek Philippe Museum and discover five centuries of watch history through this prestigious brand.
Patek Philippe museum
Time for lunch and to continue your unique experience, head back to the Cité du Temps, where you started. Here at the restaurant “Au Phil du Temps” you will discover menus full of fresh and seasonal market produce.
The day is not yet over and a truly unique afternoon awaits you. You will participate in the Initium workshop to build your own watch. Through practical and theoretical lessons from a master watchmaker, you will be able to unravel the mysteries of mechanical movement. With screwdriver and tweezers in your hands, you will feel the heartbeat of the watch that you will assemble yourself. You will leave the workshop with your head full of memories and your watch on your wrist.
To round off this day packed with wonderful discoveries enjoy a stroll along the shore to pause time for a few moments before reaching your hotel. And if you feel like it, why not enjoy a delicious Swiss fondue for dinner this evening?