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Fondue, rösti, double crème… The traditional dishes of belle Suisse you won’t want to miss out on during your stay in Geneva! Indulgent and hearty, these recipes are born from an ancestral savoir-faire passed down through the generations. Fish, meat, cheese… The Swiss land is bursting with delicious treats that are loved by all four corners of the world. Keep reading for an overview of the places serving up the Swiss specialities you won’t want to miss out on. 
Le Gruyérien: authenticity and indulgence are on the menu

With its two restaurants in Geneva, Le Gruyérien is one of the top gastronomic destinations to taste Swiss specialities. All the produce is stocked from local and regional suppliers to guarantee the dishes on the menu are of exceptional quality.

Give in to the pleasures of fondue moitié-moitié, croûte au fromage, a plate of viande séchée or the latest dish created by the chef, “Fondue Bûcheronne”. Finish your meal with something sweet and indulgent like artisanal meringues served with double crème de Gruyère.  

Gruyerien restaurant
Gruyerien restaurant
Le Bain des Pâquis for its fondue

Everybody says it has THE BEST fondue in Geneva. A spot free from the constraints of time on the banks of Lake Geneva where relaxing and spending time together are the order of the day. An unusual cellar with an impressive view over the harbour. The perfect no-frills place for eating with family and friends.

Popular in all restaurants, fondue is the star here. Every evening from 6pm, you can come to enjoy the famous Fondue au Crémant served in steaming pots placed on long tables d’hôtes amid the bustling atmosphere. Reservation strongly recommended. 

Buvette Bains des Paquis
Buvette bain des paquis
Chalet vibes at Edelweiss

Housed in the hotel of the same name, Restaurant Edelweiss immerses you in the art of Swiss gastronomy in a unique chalet ambiance. An exceptional experience awaits amid the wood, old stones, chequered tablecloths and authentic alphorn.

In your plate you’ll find the Zurich-style veal with rösti, perch fillet meunière from Lake Geneva and the selection of house fondues. For dessert, you’ll be wowed by the Favarger chocolate fondue. What’s more, every evening you’ll be serenaded by yodellers.

Edelweiss restaurant
Edelweiss restaurant
Les Armures, the one and only in the heart of the Old Town

This is one of the oldest establishments in Geneva and it has the ambiance to match. An absolute must-try during your stay in Geneva! Follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton and Georges Clooney and taste the classics of Swiss cuisine in an environment that will take you on a journey through a respect for the past and the adoption of modernity.

In the summer, eat out on the terrace in the cobbled streets while in the winter discover Carnotzet, a renovated Alpine chalet. Enjoy the traditional chalet soup, grilled Schubling de St-Gall sausage and the famous Fribourg fondue with Vacherin cheese. 

Armures restaurant
Armures restaurant
The most contemporary Swiss Chalet

Located in Geneva Airport, Swiss Chalet will welcome you at the start and at the end of your trip. Fresh and authentic products are served in a relatively modern and welcoming environment. A selection of traditional dishes and a wonderful menu of Swiss wines will be offered to you.

A favourite among travellers and locals alike, the establishment plays with the seasons and offers diners a new dish every day. On the menu you’ll find fondues, croûtes au fromage, tommes vaudoises and much more. Open daily until 10pm. 

Swiss chalet restaurant
Swiss Chalet restaurant
Restaurant de l’Hôtel-de-Ville: a unique place for living

A legendary address in the Old Town! The famed establishment of “père Glôzu”, owner and emblematic figure of the city, is a meeting point for Genevan and international politics. With a clientele composed sometimes more of tourists than locals,

Restaurant de l’Hôtel-de-Ville is an exceptional place where gossip and confidences are exchanged. Local products are honoured such as longeole sausage, cardon and viande séchée. At any time of the day, you can also taste a fondue moitié-moitié with bolet mushrooms, longeole IGP with cardon GRTA gratin and other traditional dishes from the region. 

Hotel de ville restaurant
Hotel de ville restaurant
Bistrot des Halles, in the heart of Geneva’s market

Built in 1877, Halles de Rive brings together twenty or so shopkeepers and producers famed for the freshness and quality of their products. Fruit, vegetables, cheese, regional and international specialities can be found, in addition to Bistrot des Halles!

Nestled in the middle of the covered market, this eatery serves up signature Swiss specialities created from the products sold in the surrounding market stalls. Wonderful! On the menu you’ll find fondue and rösti, naturally, as well as reinterpreted dishes such as a Genevan cardon and gruyère doux gratin served with marrow toast and lake crayfish ravioli with basil, shellfish emulsion and vegetables.

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