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Sentier du Rhône

Genève–La Plaine

The hike from Geneva to La Plaine has some surprises in store: the natural beauty of the Rhone and the Moulin-de-Vert nature reserve as well as the charming villages of Cartigny and Avully.


Length: 20 km

Hiking time: 5h25

Ascent | Descent: 480 m | 500 m

Level: Medium



Sentier du Rhone-2
Sentier du Rhone-2


The Rhone, a river with a rich history, flows 812 km from the Gotthard massif to the Mediterranean, with 27 km through Canton Geneva.

The hike begins at La Jonction. After only a few metres, the urban surroundings of Geneva are already left behind and you step into the middle of a green jungle. The path leads alongside the Rhone, home to numerous species of birds, to the tiny village of Loëx, where a spectacular view of the modern town of Lignon opens up. The hike continues opposite the slopes of Vernier to Bois de Châtillon and soon reaches the village of Aire-la-Ville.

The Moulin-de-Vert nature reserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna that has evolved in the area of a former meander of the Rhone. Above the slopes, it’s well worthwhile making a stop in the attractive village of Cartigny, with its impressive view of the hollow of the Fort de l'Ecluse. The trail then crosses the Nant des Crues to reach the village of Avully. A site steeped in history: on the slopes of Avully, dominating the Rhone, Julius Caesar moved to conquer Helvetia in 58 BC

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Sentier du Rhone-5
Sentier du Rhone-5
Sentier du Rhone-4
Sentier du Rhone-4