Private guided tour: Carouge from above

From church tower to modern towers, the story of a city.

Seen from above, Carouge reveals its hidden beauties.

The Saint-Croix church, a unique baroque Italian building in the canton - discover the biggest chime in Switzerland and meet the bell ringer in person. Reach to the sky and climb up the towers. This new district which was born thanks to the boldness of its developers completely integrated into the life of the commune. The highest tower, called the “the sixth tower“, offers an unexpected, natural panorama of stunning beauty.
Private guided tours 7 days a week, pre-booking required, groups from 2 to 20 people.


250 CHF
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Tel.: +41 22 300 59 60


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Avenue Vibert 12 - 1227 Carouge
Telephone: +41 22 300 59 60