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Autumn 1940. At Radio-Genève’s recording studio, actors and actresses desire each other, are jealous about each other and rebel against each other. They are performing live on the radio an adaptation of Nobel Prize Knut Hamsun’s novel, Benoni: the story of a seaside love passion that will however soon get corrupted by money. In 1870, in this Norwegian hamlet, love and liberalism are already two sides of the same coin.

Shaping up all at once as a radiophonic performance, some sort of a quantum millefeuille and a pasteboard satire, D’après meddles with time and puts up a smokescreen. By bringing onto the stage two mirroring periods (1870 and 1940) – to which should be added that of the performance itself (2020) – the play deliberately provokes us to reveal our small weaknesses and our big resistances, from the industrial Revolution to the “coming world”.

Taking perverse pleasure in playing with discrepancies, L’Homme de dos interrogates our desire for power and progress by setting their heart on an author that is himself ambiguous – romantic and reactionary – and whose rugged writing reminds that of Ramuz.



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23 outubro - 9 novembro 2020

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