In his first piece for the Geneva Ballet, young South African choreographer Fana Tshabalala is in search of a better world. Better Sun is the story of a departure towards an unknown universe, limitless but full of horizons. Tshabalala points at the refugees scattered on the roads and the absurdity of the political shambles that responds to this issue. Benjamin Magnin accompanies him on this journey that shimmers with the mirages of hope and with the new sounds and ritornellos of a musical piece developed around Ravel’s Boléro.
After the success of his Fall last season at the Grand Théâtre, Belgian and world dance sensation Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is back with Exhibition, based on the original piano version of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. As we move from one picture to the next and from one vision to another, the “Promenade” motif returns with the monotony of perpetual movement. Always coming back to a fixed point, always starting over again, no matter what comes before or after is a source of both irritation and delight. In Exhibition, the dancing escapes the reality principle and piles up the layers until all contours fade away.



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21 - 30 novembro 2020

17 - 65 CHF


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