Le Couronnement de Poppée


Iván Fischer and his Budapest Festival Orchestra are back with L'incoronazione di Poppea, Claudio Monteverdi’s second opera first performed in 1643, where the composer takes Eros out of the Greek myths and dashes him into human history. The story takes place in Imperial Rome, around 60 AD and tells of the rapid rise of the commoner Poppea in the emperor Nero’s favour, the latter's divorce from his wife Octavia, and Poppea’s coronation as the new Empress of Rome. With class conflict and echoes of the Black Lives Matter movement in the background, the conductor-cum-director strikes a pose and poses a question. In the title role of this brilliantly immoral and erotic opera, Trinidadian soprano Jeanine de Bique embodies a modern young woman who owes the softness of her skin to frequent baths of asses’ milk and the gentleness of her soul to her solidarity with oppressed minorities. Her ethnic and social origins, her intellectual world, everything separates her from Nero. But Love turns the world upside down while Freud nods his head.



7.30 pm


30 setembro - 2 outubro 2021

17 - 259 CHF


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