Le Grand Dancing


Life is like a big dance hall. We go there solo or in duo, there are the slows, the famous riffs where everyone stands up. The one that Julien Basler and Virginie Schell are building is teeming with stars: Quentin Tarantino praises his taste for hemoglobin to a necessarily modest Chekhov, the Martian spleen of Philippe Katerine meets the precursor gesture of Meryl Streep, Molière distributes his bellows while Racine dance the twist in the middle of a shootout from Pulp Fiction. What is it to write? What is it to create? Who are our models, our idols?
Like a zany musical comedy, bringing together language nuggets and real false interviews in a whirlwind of points of view, Le Grand Dancing collectively celebrates the boogie-woogie of artistic creation.



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4 - 14 dezembro 2020

10 - 30 CHF


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