Les Sentiments du Prince Charles


Attention : show in French!

After his engagement with Diana, Prince Charles has to sit a press conference where he is asked the following question: “Are you in love?”. After a long silence, he replies: “Yes… Whatever love means.”

Along bagpipe tunes and songs imbued in fantasies and turmoil, actors Martine Corbat and Julien Tsongas – accompanied on stage by their musician fellows Pierre Omer and Julien Israelian – deliver here a ludicrous and quirky “conference”, in which they decipher our love relationships, the established norms and their own desires.

An adaptation of Swedish author Liv Strömquist’s comics Prince Charles känsla, Les sentiments du Prince Charles denounces the heteronormative frame through which evolves our Western societies, while shaking up with humour gender stereotypes. The show thus shapes up as a bracing and extraordinary blow in the face, taking us through History and retracing our own individual “love” stories as well as that of famous people like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Nancy and Ronald Reagan, Lady Diana and Prince Charles… All of it with a tragicomic touch that aims to answer the same eternal question: “What is love?”.



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1 - 18 outubro 2021

10 - 25 CHF


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