5 reasons to meet up in Geneva

1) For the simple pleasure of being together.

Because you have so many things to tell each other and so many new memories to create!

Geneva, a haven of tranquillity between lake and mountains, is the perfect place for your reunion. Round off a wonderful day’s skiing by sharing a fondue with a view of Lake Geneva, go on a pedalo ride with your family, take a walk in the mountains and, that very evening, enjoy a cocktail in town.

All of life’s little joys are at hand and we love that! 

fondue couple boat
2) Chocolate and fondue: already two reasons in one.

You gourmands and refined gourmets who can hardly resist the call of an appetising meal or fondue tasting will without doubt find enjoyment here.

In Geneva, master chocolatiers exalt the art of great vintage chocolate and local Swiss pastures combine to ensure the best cheese fondue in the region. And with a view of the lake? Yes, of course!

chocolate workshop people
3) To say how much you missed each other in view of Mont Blanc.

Geneva and its awe-inspiring landscapes.

Nestled between Lake Geneva, the Alps and the Jura, this small urban gem at the gates of the most beautiful mountain resorts is a magical spot. Rooftop spa in view of the still snow-laden Jura, open-air cinema on the shimmering lake shore, majestic Mont Blanc in the background and a blazing sunset with the soft reflections of summer, shared happiness is in abundance.

open air cinema couple
4) Because you can enjoy every moment.

Seven minutes by train to the airport, how astounding!

This is what you can benefit from the whole time! Gone are the final days of panic calculating the long journey to catch the return flight, farewell to the moments shortened by the stress of being late; in Geneva we make the most of being together without pressure.

And you can even walk to the train station!

5) Because here you can tell the time on a flower clock.

Hello, do you have the time please?

In Geneva, the masters of time have a romantic soul. Here we tell you the time with flowers, creating the mood of reunion! The famous Flower Clock is regularly adorned in new colours with the changing of the seasons. And we must confess a little secret, the second hand that indicates the seconds is the largest in the world at 2.5 metres. 

horloge fleurie tourist