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Dido & Æneas was first performed in an boarding school for girls by the girls themselves. Is this the reason why Æneas actually sings very little before disappearing and leaving the women in their former state of solitude and ennui? From the very beginning, we can sense that Dido’s grief is an bottomless psychological abyss in which we are going to dive.
In the theatrical world of the Belgian dance collective Peeping Tom, relationships between the beings who inhabit the stage are the starting-point of endless explorations inside bodies and minds. For their first venture on the opera stage, they zoom in and out on a journey from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Emmanuelle Haïm and her ensemble Le Concert d’Astrée have long been exploring the music of Henry Purcell and will regale us with some improvisational pyrotechnics and magnificent chromatics inspired by Dido’s famous final lament “When I am laid in earth” from the only opera the British Orpheus ever composed. This is Dido like you have never seen or heard it before.



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3 - 4 Май 2021

17 - 235 CHF


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