International Glacier Film Festival (FIFG) 2020


When it comes to the fight against climate change, it is essential to say.
The 7th edition of the International Film Festival on Glaciers (FIFG) is once again an opportunity to
sound the alarm on the deadly consequences of global warming.
If we don't do anything, it is really because we are selfish towards the youngest, because they are the
ones who will be hit hard by climate change in the second half of the century.
For to the chaos due to the Covid-19 crisis would be added another chaos, linked to the climate crisis.
Today, we are at the foot of the wall!
The climatologists, glaciologists and scientists who will take part in the various conferences and
debates will not fail to demonstrate this to us.
As climatologist and Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Jean Jouzel says, it is imperative that our greenhouse
gas emissions fall rapidly so that young people can live in a world in which it will be possible to adapt.
But to do this, we must act now!
The historic health crisis we are going through is also there to remind us how topical the theme of this
Festival is: "How can we make a world of sobriety desirable? ».



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9 - 12 Октябрь 2020

Free entrance


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