Le Conte des contes


English and French surtitles Sunday 17 and Tuesday 19 January

I had the pleasure of attending the final dress rehearsal of The Tale of Tales at our sister-theatre TKM on that fateful Friday 13 March 2020. Everything was ready. The stage was set for a wild party. A kind of musical comedy somewhere between the Grand Guignol, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and an imaginary carnival, with striking technical effects from the grand tradition of theatrical design and actors who sing, dance, and take us by the hand as they weave a constellation of tales that make up the fabric of who we are. But on that day, the 13th of March, everything ground to a halt! It is with great pleasure therefore that we now bring you this fine vintage Malandro, under the auspices of the visiting Omar Porras.

Jean Liermier



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12 - 25 Январь 2021

10 - 40 CHF


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