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Senderismo y bicicleta

Senderismo y bicicleta

En bicicleta o a pie, la región de Ginebra ofrece muchas escapadas en plena naturaleza. Desde el centro de la ciudad, puedes salir a conocer la fauna de los alrededores y descubrir paisajes únicos durante todo el año. ¡Combina ciudad y naturaleza, una ventaja clave del destino!

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Senderismo en Ginebra

Para los que disfrutan explorando a pie, Ginebra y sus alrededores ofrecen muchas rutas maravillosas.

Entre Arve et Lac-3

Entre Arve et Lac

An outing to the magnificent Genevan countryside through the vineyards between the Arve river and the lake. From Hermance, you pass through the villages of Anières, Corsier, Gy, Jussy and Lullier to reach Choulex

Length: 18 km

Level: Medium

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Sentier du Rhône

The hike from Geneva to La Plaine has some surprises in store: the natural beauty of the Rhone and the Moulin-de-Vert nature reserve as well as the charming villages of Cartigny and Avully

Length: 20 km

Level: Medium

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ViaJacobi Stage 19-3

ViaJacobi Stage 19

From Coppet to Geneva. This hike leads through villages with a French ambiance to cosmopolitan Genève. Highlight and end point is the impressive St. Pierre Cathedral. One magnificent stained glass window depicts St James wearing a purple cloak trimmed with ermine

Length: 17 km

Level: Medium

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En bici

La campiña de Ginebra ofrece preciosas rutas en bici para amantes del ciclismo o ciclistas profesionales.

Cornavin Mont Saleve bike Geneva

Cornavin - Mont-Salève

The route provides the opportunity to discover the many facets of Geneva, with distant views of the bastion of Mont-Salève. After the border crossing, the tour can be continued by aerial cableway up Mount Salève, with fantastic views that are famous far and wide.

Length: 11 km

Level: Easy

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Rhone Route

Through the cosmopolitan, extensive western outskirts of Geneva to the surprisingly varied river landscape of the Rhone, through the vineyards and fields of Champagne (Geneva) to Chancy, a frontier town still 700 Rhone kilometres away from the Mediterranean.

Length: 26km

Level: Easy

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Biking enthusiasts or professional cyclists, Geneva’s pristine wine-growing countryside and its direct access to the lake provides you with a vast playground for wonder-filled bike tours. The more sporty will cycle around the lake and return to Geneva in the evening to relax around a delicious fondue.