Belvédère Sonore


Landscapes to listen, music to see, œuvres to reinvent. More than a guide with musical commentaries or a new cultural outreach experience, the Belvédères Sonores is an artistic re-creation. Stemming from a specific choice of public works of art that are fully-immersed in their natural décor and coupled with sounds expressly designed by local musicians, the BS propose augmented strolls in an attempt to skew the perception of art, music and landscaping. Once the application has been downloaded the smartphone-equipped user (ideally with headphones) will be able to walk from site to site and dive, the time of a soundtrack, within the aura of a sculpture and of the place of the city that shelters it.
Listening access to the musical composition is only available around the sculpture or the chosen work. A geolocation system allows the location of the listener to be defined and shows her/him/them the way to access the respective musical work, within a well-defined perimeter. To listen to the musical work you must have a smartphone with the Belvédère Sonore application, the use of headphones is strongly recommended.



All day


6 Январь - 26 Сентябрь 2021

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