Ginebra en invierno

10 buenas razones para disfrutar de Ginebra en invierno. Ha llegado la hora de tomarse una buena fondue al lado del lago.


Guided tour: Geneva Lux Festival

Marvel at an open-air art gallery filled with light installations

For this new edition of the Geneva Lux Festival "works of light", created specially for the occasion by artists from all over the world, are lending the city centre a fabulous magical vibe. Come with us and discover the secrets of these works. Accompanied by a professional guide, visit ten or so contemporary works of art which have been lit up throughout the city streets. Let yourself be transported to the magical world of the Geneva Lux Festival.

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Geneva City Pass

'La energía de una gran ciudad pero con la tranquilidad de un pequeño pueblo'


La escena cultural está de vuelta y se complace en darle la bienvenida de nuevo a todos los mejores eventos que Ginebra puede ofrecer.

What's up in Geneva this month

What's up in Geneva this month ? Discover our suggestion of events and exhibitions for the month as well as last news and openings in the destination !

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