VIKTOR VINCENT – Mental Circus


Following the 2020 success, he is back! VIKTOR VINCENT is considered the best French mentalist. The experiences he offers are out of the ordinary and their secrets belong only to him. In his only on stage "Mental Circus", Viktor once again pushes the limits of his art. In the atmosphere of the 1930s in the United States, Viktor creates around him an imaginary circus where the craziest mental performances and the most bluffing experiences are expressed. Here power changes hands, it is the public who seize it, discovering unsuspected capacities and gifts that confer miracles ... You know his generosity and delicacy, Viktor will always make sure that you feel perfectly at ease, whether you want to participate on stage with him or that you prefer to simply remain a witness comfortably seated in the room. An intimate, visual and intriguing experience that will take you to the frontiers of the fantastic. You will discover how Charlie Chaplin, Charles Lindbergh and a couple of knife throwers brought to life in prohibition New York the most incredible spectacles.
Spectacular, you will remember it for a long time. 1h30 without intermission.
"Downright Bluffing!", THE POINT "Fantastic and bewitching", LE FIGAROSCOPE “He's packing the capital! ", THE EXPRESS "He flirts with the limits of understanding", LE PARISIEN



8 pm


7 - 8 Октябрь 2021

55 - 75 CHF


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Théâtre du Léman
Quai du Mont-Blanc 19 - 1201 Genève
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