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Geneva Transport Card For Host

Hosting in Geneva

Get the digital Geneva Transport Card for your guests

The digital transport card allows visitors to use public transport in the Canton of Geneva free of charge for the duration of their stay.

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How to registrate?

As a host, it is your responsibility to give your travellers the digital transport card. Before welcoming your first travellers, you must register as a host with the Geneva Tourist Office to be able to issue the digital transport card.
To do so, you can contact the Tourist Office at the following e-mail address:

Tourist tax

The Canton of Geneva imposes a tourist tax. Since 20 November 2006, although the tax has been compulsory, travellers, in return benefit from a free digital transport card. If you offer paid accommodation (hotels, serviced accommodation, campsites, youth hostels, or any other form of accommodation), you must collect the tourist tax from your guests and pay it to the tax authorities.

The tourist tax is paid by guests who are passing through or staying in the Canton of Geneva; those who are not resident for tax purposes and who receive accommodation.

Scales of charge

The tax is levied per person, per overnight stay. The basic amounts are indicated in article 16 of the Regulations for the application of the Law on Tourism.
It amounts to CHF 3.75, whatever the category of establishment, with the exception of campsites for which it amounts to CHF 2.50.

Free public transport for the visitors with the Digital Transport Card!

When you stay in Geneva, you will receive a free digital version of the “Geneva Transport Card.” This card enables you to use public transport free of charge in Geneva for the duration of your stay.

The card is personal and non-transferable and grants you free access to Geneva’s public transport network UNIRESO: buses (TPG), trains (CFF), and boats (Mouettes genevoises). It is unlimited for the entire duration of your stay.

Three days prior to your arrival, you will receive a link by email enabling you to get your Geneva Transport Card on your smartphone. You will then be able to use it to reach your accommodation from the airport. 

“Take a look at the explanatory video below to fully understand how the Geneva Transport Card works.”