Masks and Theater


Masks and Theatre marks the first time that the Martin Bodmer Foundation has devoted an entire exhibition just to theatre!

The exhibition is a scintillating marriage of texts- the treasures of the exceptional Theatrical Works of the World Fund (papyruses, parchments, incunables, rare and prestigious print editions, and original handwritten manuscripts)- on the one hand, and on the other, a corresponding collection of masks- a selection of those produced by Werner Strub (1935-2012) throughout his career. By following how Strub’s career evolved, visitors will be able to admire the significant developments in his choice of materials. Chosen for how they interact with the masks on display, the selected heritage documents will reflect the variety of masterpieces that the mask magician took on, from the Greek tragedies to Bertolt Brecht, from Shakespeare to Gozzi, Molière, and many more.

The Masks and Theatre exhibition unveils the theatrical treasures of the Martin Bodmer Foundation, from Greek Antiquity right up to the 20th century, and juxtaposes them with Werner Strub’s masks. More specifically, the exhibition explores the relationship between theatrical texts and masks, and, thanks to mask-maker Werner Strub’s (1935-2012) artistic eye, suggests a variety of possible combinations, which will transport visitors to the very heart of how theatre is made, where actors bring texts to life, and where the distinctive aura of the mask breathes life into theatre. In the West, however, masks have only occasionally been a feature of the theatrical arts (ancient Greek and Roman theatre, Balinese theatre, commedia dell’arte, Japanese Noh). Throughout the 20th century, the use of masks was mainly associated with the artistic and theatrical visions of certain directors, enabling them to explore new connections between the text, the staging, and the work of the actor.



Tuesday to Sunday : 2 pm - 6 pm


viernes, 16 de octubre de 2020 - lunes, 9 de agosto de 2021

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