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Through the contemporary paths, discover 3 itineraries to visit Geneva in an original an unexpected way! Chose your path and let's go! Sécheron: what a shock!This former industrial and somewhat marginal neighbourhood has turned a new leaf in radical but careful steps. Today, it gives the impression of a new Geneva modernity.Rhône: trifles.The river that flows out of the lake has made an important contribution to the development of Geneva. Through transportation, energy and exchanges, its functions have played a crucial role and have left strong traces on the site that have been readapted little by little as needs be.Plainpalais: what a wonderful life!At the very heart of the city, this huge neighbourhood has very diverse activities and populations. The recent refurbishment of the Plaine, the many transformations, for instance around the television building or the Mamco, have allowed the former industrial neighbourhood of Plainpalais to finally shed this skin.


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Pont du Mont-Blanc - 1204 Genève