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All about wine in Geneva

Wine is an important industry on the shores of Lake Geneva and with their picturesque mountainous backdrop the winegrowing areas are well worth exploring, not to mention the wines. Swiss wines are light, easy to drink.

There are many opportunities to learn about and appreciate local wines, whether through festivals, open cellar weekends, wine tastings and tours or simply by walking through the beautiful vineyards


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wine geneva-11

Visits to wineries

Another great way to get up close and personal with local wines is by visiting one of the many independent, small and family-run wineries in the surrounding countryside at any time. Call to make an appointment.

Here are some wineries we know and like:

Cave de Geneve in Satigny (one of the biggest domaines in Geneva)

Domaine du Paradis in Satigny

Clos de Gondettes in Satigny

Domaine de Trois Etoiles in Satigny

Domaine des Curiades in Lully

Domaine des Molards in Russin

Chateau du Crest in Jussy

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wine geneva-6
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Swiss Wine Tour

Discover and book carefully selected wine tourism activities based on a national quality concept.
Discover the Swiss Wine Tour

Wine-tour Jura

Panoramic countryside e-bike tour with wine-tasting at a producer’s estate
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Vineyard hikes

The longest and best vineyard walks in Switzerland are found in the Geneva region, so get your walking boots on and venture on one of the three itineraries below combining local wine growing with enjoying the lush vineyards and fresh air. What’s more – it’s FREE!

1. Rive droite (right bank of the river Rhône)
This walk includes Meyrin, Satigny – Geneva’s largest winegrowing village, Dardagny, Céligny and Collex-Bossy and takes around 6 hours of walking ( 26km)

2. Between the rivers Arve and Rhône)
This walk is 26,5km long and will take around 7 hours of walking from La Plaine to Croix de Rozon, including the villages of Bernex, Lully, Confignon, Soral and Laconnex). It introduces the “Champagne region where many restaurants offer local products.

3. Rive gauche (left bank of the river Rhône)
This walk is slightly shorter – 19km and 4,5 hours of walking. It includes the charming, historic villages of Hermance, Meinier, Jussy and Choulex.

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wine geneva-2

Short vineyard stolls

If you prefer to get out of the city for a short afternoon stroll in Geneva’s vineyards with the mountains in the background?

We recommend the following areas:

1282 Dardagny - You will find different parking areas in Dardagny

1233 Bernex - Parking area on Chemin du Signal

1254 Jussy - Parking possible in and around the village.

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wine geneva-7
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wine geneva-9

Buy local wines

Le Verre en Cave in Eaux-Vives offers a fine wine selection that can be bought directly in the shop or online. They offer secure payment, free delivery as of CHF250 and shipping within 48 hours. They also offer wine courses, normally for 1,5 hours for CHF39-59 for individuals or groups.

Mövenpick Wines in Meyrin offers the unusual experience of letting you taste as many wines as you wish with no time limit (neither the pressure to buy). They have an amazing selection, so you’re able to try most Geneva whites, reds and rosés under one roof. Should you need further explanations regarding a specific wine the friendly members of staff are on hand.

Le Caveau de Bacchus is very exclusive and they know their stuff, but prices are not the cheapest. Nevertheless, you are sure to find good wine, receive great service and expert information.

Wine bars in Geneva

Molard Tower in on Place du Molard (in the old days Geneva’s harbour opened up into the lake at this point). Molard Tower was built in 1591 with its original purpose being as a watch guard tower for the military over the harbour. Today it hosts a trendy wine bar and restaurant.

Lavinia, with its 450 square metres of wine cellar and more then 4000 different wines and spirits, is one of the biggest wine shops in Geneva and all the wines are available to drink at the adjoining restaurant. You are also able to order online.

The restaurant Le Rouge et le Blanc brings together an extensive wine menu of local vintages as well as varieties from abroad, accompanied by great food and stunning views of Lake Geneva, the Jura Mountains and the Jet d'Eau.

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wine geneva-10
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