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Where to Party in Geneva

Where to go out at night in Geneva?

As night falls, a party vibe thrums through Geneva… Discover the city’s bars, clubs and live venues and enjoy a magical evening full of lasting memories! Here’s a selection of places with unique atmospheres and identities. One thing is certain: Geneva excels in the art of partying like nowhere else!

21 Club

Check out the latest addition to the lively Eaux-Vives district! Like a chameleon, 21 Club has morphed into a real nightlife spot with a bustling restaurant, a cocktail bar and a club. Inspired by the roaring twenties in New York, the venue welcomes you for sociable and pleasure-filled evenings!

Maison Balkii

Maison Balkii needs no introduction! Since its opening in the famous Rue Henri-Blanvalet, the venue has seen a steady stream of urbanites flowing in for fun-filled evenings. Its cocktails are among the most popular in the city and its iconic atmosphere stands out on the Geneva nightlife scene. More than a cocktail bar, the venue will have you inebriated and dancing the night away in its basement club Studio b.

Chez Calvin

Here’s a fun-packed restaurant that has become a point of reference among Geneva’s venues. Chez Calvin welcomes you to the heart of Eaux-Vives, in its historic building dating from 1909, for wonderfully enchanting end-of-day and night events. Like a chic Parisian bravsserie, it charms with its unparalleled ambiance and unique entertainment. Sip a cocktail around the imposing copper bar, taste the creations of chef Philippe Durandeau, and from 10:30 pm let yourself be carried away by the electrifying sounds!

Chez Lolo

This bustling restaurant and cocktail bar facing the lake is one of the most popular venues for nightlife in Geneva. The weekends are enhanced with unique entertainment, brought to its peak by its owners, who welcome you every evening as if into their own home. Subdued lighting, a hushed and refined atmosphere, music and local cuisine are all part of the programme.

Le Baroque Club

Located in the heart of historic Geneva, on Place de la Fusterie and its famous cobblestones, Le Baroque Club has been winning over the hearts and minds of all Genevans since 1993. With its chic and seductive baroque style, it’ll seduce you with its cosy atmosphere, its resident DJs and its many distinguished guests – a place with timeless character that will undoubtedly keep you dancing until the end of the night!

Chez Jean-Luc

Change of atmosphere with this atypical bar-cabaret located at the foot of the Old Town! A few steps away from the banking district, Chez Jean-Luc will surprise and seduce you with its (almost) secret cabaret… This place of dreams and reinvented performing arts will have you spellbound with its dynamic programme and explosive cocktails. You’ll marvel, you’ll dance, and you’ll blossom to the continuous chinking of glasses.

Located in Passage des Lions, this fun-filled restaurant welcomes its guests to a refined and voluptuous atmosphere. The Baroque Restaurant reveals a clever mix of flavours and senses as soon as night falls. Chef Morgan Bigot revisits the great classics of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, while the premises are transformed into a play of lights to embark you on an extraordinary journey until the end of dinner.

Leopard Bar

Check out this insiders’ venue within the Hôtel d’Angleterre. Facing the lake, the Leopard Bar stands out with its cosy atmosphere, its fine selection of cocktails and spirits, and its live concert programme, which regulars love. There is also a Cigar Room featuring a wide range of cigars from around the world, which is very popular with connoisseurs.  

Le Frigo

Here's one of Geneva’s best kept secrets… Head to the Bleu Nuit restaurant to unearth its greatest mystery! Just inside, you’ll notice a refrigerator door through which you will enter to access the dreamlike temple of Le Frigo. The unique speakeasy contains a micro-cocktail bar with subdued blue notes. Stroll around with a uniquely created after-dinner cocktail and let yourself be carried away in this secret little world!