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Geneva by boat

Life is sweeter when you’re near water… Discover Geneva from its glittering waters for an exceptional perspective of this culturally and historically rich city. Whether it’s on a relaxing cruise, a quick trip across the harbour on a Mouette (Geneva’s colourful shuttle boats), or an exciting rafting adventure, each choice offers a unique angle from which to witness the beauty of this international city.

Cruises on Lake Geneva

Embark on an elegant cruise on the lake for extraordinary views of the city and the surrounding peaks.

 Choose between a romantic sunset escapade, complete with fine food and local wines, or a guided cultural excursion for a historical overview of Geneva. The cruises will take you near iconic landmarks such as the famous Jet d'Eau and the elegant Quai du Mont-Blanc promenade, while enjoying the sound of the lake’s gentle, lapping waves.

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Geneva’s Mouettes

For a more everyday but equally charming experience, Geneva’s Mouettes offer a quick and scenic way to cross the harbour, linking the various districts of the city.

These small shuttle boats are the perfect way to enjoy Geneva at a relaxed pace, enabling you to see the city in a different light while moving easily between the city centre and lakeside attractions.

Map of the Mouette lines

Paddle boat and boat rental

For a relaxing day on the lake with your family or your partner, hiring paddle boats or private boats is an excellent option.

Paddle boats, available along the shores of the lake, e.g. from Les Corsaires near the Jet d’Eau, are a great way to explore the harbour at your own leisurely pace. For a more personalised experience, hire a boat and sail away along the lake’s hidden creeks, or simply soak up the sun on the water. Sailboats and motorboats are both available.

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Rafting on the Rhône

Add a dose of adventure to your holiday with some rafting on the Rhône!

As soon as you leave the lake, the Rhône offers faster currents, which are ideal for rafting. Navigate the white waters in the company of professionals while enjoying breathtaking views of the urban and natural landscape. It’s an exhilarating way to experience Geneva for those who like to mix adrenaline with exploration.

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Each mode of water-based transport in Geneva offers a new way of seeing and experiencing the city and will turn your visit into a memorable adventure!

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