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What to do on a rainy day

Discover the best indoor activities.

During your stay in Geneva, discover some ideas of indoor activities.

The Bains-Bleus Hammam & Spa

Relax in a magical world, the Bain-Bleu Hammam & Spa Genève-Plage. This sophisticated, quiet bathing complex offers indoor and outdoor pools, steam baths and relaxation areas. Immerse yourself in an Oriental-inspired Hammam & Spa.

Fondue at the Brasserie Hôtel de Ville

Discover Swiss culture and conviviality by enjoying a fondue at the Brasserie Hôtel de Ville. There is no better way to warm up than to share this traditional Swiss dish of melted cheese. A well-known Geneva institution, the Brasserie Hôtel de Ville takes you on a journey back in time.

Visit the Museums of Geneva

Explore the historic Maison Tavel or the International Museum of the Reformation to discover a part of Geneva’s history. Stroll in the Ariana Museum specialising in the arts of fire and the monumental Museum of Natural History. The Museum of Art and History invites you to travel back in time and the Patek Philippe Museum takes you on a journey back in watchmaking history. Discover the MAMCO or the Rath Museum for connoisseurs and those new to art. Admire the original vintage posters of the Galerie 1 2 3 or the MEG’s ethnographic collections. Don’t forget to visit the emblematic Palais des Nations and International Museum of the Red Cross.

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CERN Guided Tour

CERN invites you to explore the heart of matter. The largest laboratory in the world offers free guided tours for groups of 12-48 people. Guided tours last about 3 hours, are organised from Monday to Saturday and start at 9am and 2 pm. Mandatory registration on Visit CERN.

Archaeological Site of St Peter’s Cathedral

Unveil the secrets of Ancient Geneva on the archaeological site of St Peter’s Cathedral. The ground underneath the Cathedral holds evidence of the hill’s occupation as far back as the pre-Christian era: wheat processing areas, buildings of potential cultural use… With modern museum techniques, the ground underneath St Peter’s Cathedral is one of the most significant archaeological sites North of the Alps.

The Best Cafés of Geneva

When it rains, warm up by discovering the Cafés of Geneva. Make sure to try a homemade pastry and a hot drink at well-known Café Remor. Enjoy a homemade ginger juice at Café Art’s, located on the bubbling rue des Pâquis. Rue du Marché, taste a delicious hot chocolate Chez Martel and treat yourself to their pralines and homemade pastries.

Don’t forget to order your Museum Pass and City Pass cards. With them, you’ll discover many activities in Geneva for reduced prices.

Museum Pass

For an all-inclusive 40 francs, enjoy free entries or concessions in the Geneva participating museums. To obtain the Museum Pass, please fill in and return this application form. The Pass is valid for 12 months starting from the first date of use.

The Geneva City Pass

With the Geneva City Pass, you'll discover the best spots and everything the city has to offer ! 
• 60 free or discounted activities
• All public transport in the Geneva network free of charge: buses, trams, trains, shuttle boats
• A pass with a choice of duration: 24, 48 or 72 hours
• Personalised tips for your choice of activities

Discover the Geneva City Pass