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Discovering Geneva's Vineyards

Discovering Geneva’s winegrowers

With nearly 1,500 hectares of vineyards, Geneva and its surrounding countryside is the third largest wine producing region in the country. Dating back to Roman times, its vineyards have emerged as a standard, producing a variety of high-quality wines – a dynamism that has grown steadily thanks to a new generation of modern and open-minded winegrowers that have breathed new life into the industry. In the white wines, Chasselas and Chardonnay are prevalent, while in the reds, Gamay features heavily alongside Pinot Noir. Other grape varieties such as Gamaret and Garanoir are gaining ground. Discover Geneva’s vineyards, whose produce you will also find on the menu of the city’s restaurants and wine bars.

Cave des Chevalières

Let’s head over to Soral to Sébastien Dupraz’s house, in the heart of Geneva’s region. Here, respect for the family and viticultural traditions of the region are emphasised through the 11 hectares of vines. Nineteen grape varieties are grown here, from the most traditional, such as Gamay or Chasselas, to the most recent, such as Garanoir or Gamaret. No fewer than 40 establishments have now added the estate’s wines to their menus. The cellar is open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. cave-des-chevaliè 

Domaine du Chambet

Named after the stream that runs alongside its vines, the Domaine du Chambet produces organic wines through two ranges, “Les Réserves” with traditional vintages, and “Les Cuvées libres”, where the originality and spontaneity of natural wines dominate. Today, Anthony Fonjallaz brilliantly combines the ancestral family know-how with new natural inspiration which, in the future, will take a predominant place within the domain. It’s all happening in Gy! 

Domaine du Paradis

In a beautiful, vaulted cellar with warm colours, we meet second-generation winemaker Jérémie Burgdorfer. Reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines, we’re in paradise! Spread over nearly 50 hectares, the Domaine du Paradis, created in 1983 in Satigny, features about 20 grape varieties and offers cellar visits and tailor-made tastings. An experience not to be missed! 

Domaine de La Planta

stay in the Geneva countryside in Dardagny to meet Frédéric and Jean-David Gaillard, the third generation of the Domaine de La Planta. Twelve grape varieties are grown here, from Gamay to Merlot, Chasselas and even Chardonnay. The latter is matured in oak barrels, giving it a highly appreciated typicity. To taste the wines of the Domaine de La Planta, visit us from Wednesday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. or on Saturday mornings. 

Domaine Grand’Cour

Jean-Pierre Pellegrin, a leading figure in the Geneva wine industry, is a winegrower whose reputation extends far beyond the canton. With its 14 hectares where nearly 20 grape varieties are cultivated, the estate dates back to 1617 and is located in Peissy, in the commune of Satigny. The key to success? Gentle methods and limited yields, which ensure that Pellegrin’s wines are of consistent quality.  Today, he is a reference thanks to his “clockwork” precision wines.

Domaine les Hutins

In 2008 Emilienne Hutin Zumbach took over the family estate in Dardagny. With its 19 hectares, classified as Premier Cru AOC Dardagny and AOC Geneva, as well as 16 different grape varieties, the estate produces red, white and rosé wines, many of which are made according to biodynamic principles. Their most beautiful cuvée is certainly “L’Intégrale”, with a very particular vinification technique, or “L’Imprévu” which evolves according to the weather. Meet Emilienne and discover the Domaine every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment.

Domaine Les Perrières

Eight generations have already succeeded each other at the heart of the family estate, which was founded in 1794. Bernard Rochaix runs the Domaine Les Perrières in Peissy where 17 grape varieties are cultivated on close to 100 hectares. The Domaine offers 29 wines with internationally recognised vintages thanks to major awards. Come and meet the Rochaix family on site to discover the Domaine and its cellar, and shop for wine at the same time!

Chasselas, Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon for the whites; Gamay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Gamaret and Garanoir for the reds.

Le Grand Clos

A trained oenologist, Jean-Michel Novelle created the Grand Clos in 1984 in Satigny. The so-called winegrower-creator has planted no less than 17 grape varieties there. He vinifies close to 38 vintages in his Empreinte, Fusion and Point Final collections, or as varietal wines in the Iconique, Rouge-Rose and Bulles de Pinot Noir collections. Dry whites, rose de noirs, fruity or woody reds, there is something for every taste. Contact the estate for a tasting or a personalised visit. 

Domaine Mermoud

The young Damien Mermoud has now taken the reins at the estate located in the commune of Bernex, on the hillside of Lully, thus continuing, with passion and commitment, the family’s ancestral know-how. The five hectares of vines are worked biodynamically, following a philosophy as close to nature as possible, which is reflected in the different wines such as “Numéro 3” (Gamay, Gamaret, Pinot Noir) or “102” (Pinot Blanc), our favourites.

Domaine Paul-Henri Soler

Settled in Geneva since 2005, this Frenchman is now a rising figure on the region’s wine scene and one of the undisputed ambassadors of “natural wines”. Paul-Henri Soler seeks out the most natural wines, avoiding all additives during the winemaking process. You will find his poetically named elixirs (“Vagabondes”, “Cha Cha Cha”, “En attendant…”) every Saturday at Carouge market.

Domaine Stéphane Gros

With his very high-quality wines, winemaker Stéphane Gros shines in the Dardagny region. His powerful and original wines are sought after by the greatest restaurants in the country. Chasselas, Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon for the whites; Gamay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Gamaret and Garanoir for the reds. Make the most of your stay in Geneva and visit the estate. Stéphane will be delighted to share his passion for wine with you. By appointment only.