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Local food

Eating locally in the heart of Geneva is possible!

In this section, we offer you a selection of “locavore” restaurants that promote local products and wines from Geneva or the French-speaking part of Switzerland, favouring short circuits and seasonal products, an approach from field to plate that has been attracting a growing audience for a while now. Here’s an overview.

* Establishments awarded the “Geneva Local Ambassador” label

*Café Papon, in the Old Town

With its idyllic location in the heart of the Old Town on Promenade de la Treille, Café Papon is a true Geneva institution. Nestled in a historic 18th century building, it offers traditional and seasonal cuisine. The menu varies according to the market products. Lentils, woolly pig cheek stew, poultry from the Nant d’Avril, beef, lake trout, longeole and seasonal vegetables come from the surrounding area.

*Inglewood, local burger

A 100% local burger: does that sound like a dream? Inglewood has done it! In the heart of Eaux-Vives and Plainpalais, the establishment has conquered the hearts of all Genevans with fresh and local products from the best artisans in the region and gourmet recipes that change with the seasons. Each month, Inglewood also comes up with the “Burger of the Month” with exclusive, limited edition creations.

La Bise

Swiss wines, Geneva beers and seasonal PDO-IGP products: La Bise invites you to the heart of Old Carouge to enjoy homemade, seasonal and local cuisine! Discover authentic cuisine in an intimate atmosphere with our breaded Tomme Vaudoise, our IGP Longeole and green lentils or our Plate of local charcuterie. The wine list is 100% Swiss.

Le Bistroquet

Head for the Acacias district to discover Le Bistroquet, a gourmet bistro on rue Caroline, at the gateway to Old Carouge. The establishment offers local cuisine and favours short circuits. Colourful and finely executed bistronomic dishes await… The GRTA “mimosa-like” farm egg from Lignon farm, the Medallion of semi-cooked foie gras and saladine of shitake GRTA with yuzu, Stephanie’s honey madeleine or the Perch fillets from Loë, Steamed Chinese cabbage with gin and curry, and GRTA polenta fries are some of the suggestions for this new season.

*Le Bistrot des Halles de Rive

Make the most of your stay in Geneva to discover Halles de Rive, the city’s iconic gourmet market. While you’re shopping, stop at Bistrot des Halles, a must for gourmets. On the menu: Swiss specialities, 100% homemade products and raw produce straight from local producers. Pike quenelle from Lake Geneva, Homemade Swiss Black Angus meatballs from Troinex, IGP Longeole or Farmhouse chicken from Maison Forte will whet your appetite!

*Le Café des Négociants

Like a “bouchon lyonnais”, Café des Négociants is THE ultimate bistro in Carouge, both in terms of dishes and décor with its warm and gently euphoric atmosphere. The menu features timeless classics, such as GRTA roast pork chop, Mont d’Or snail cassolette with oyster mushrooms, Pan-fried frog legs with garlic and parsley or the unmissable Rum baba while the wine list has no less than 100 wines!

Monsieur Bouillon

In the heart of the dynamic banking district, Monsieur Bouillon treats its guests 7 days a week to egg and chicken dishes. In a chic and cosy setting, the establishment focuses on comforting and gourmet dishes in the image of a Parisian bistro. On the menu: eggs in all their glory (fried, soft, runny, scrambled or omelette) as well as dishes based on regional chicken, such as the unmissable Half-chicken roasted on a spit with rosemary and lemon. The fresh farm eggs come from “La Pièce” in Céligny and Monsieur Eddy in Montreux.

Other local food establishments in the city

Café des Sources, Café du Marché (Carouge), Le Lyrique.