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Best Chocolate Shops

Geneva is replete with renowned artisans who have made the reputation of the City as a true chocolate destination, both in Switzerland and across the world, and boast know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation, appealing to locals and tourists at any time of the day and for any occasion. Indulge in the scent of cocoa and the many specialities of Geneva’s chocolate manufactures. Here’s an overview of the best establishments to taste Geneva’s chocolate.


Established in 1939, Auer is one of the city’s chocolate institutions. Located in Rues Basses in downtown Geneva, it enjoys great popularity, thanks in particular to its high-quality premium products and the famous, delightful Amandes princesses. Fifty types of chocolate are available in the shop, including the delicious Pavés glacés genevois and large variety of truffles.


Head to the famous Place du Bourg-de-Four in the heart of the Old Town to taste the chocolate of one of the oldest manufacturers in the city. For almost a century, Arn has been delighting young and old alike with its Pavés glacés, pralines (more than 40 types), and black truffles with champagne. Among the brand’s specialities, you’ll find the traditional Marmites and the praline bars, with dark or milk chocolate.

La Bonbonnière

In the Rive district, discover the ultimate foodie temple … La Bonbonnière welcomes you in its warm, embracing atmosphere with its deliciously sweet chocolate fragrances. Since 1921, its high-quality artisanal products have been delighting sweet tooths from the world over. Pastries, sweets, and homemade chocolates await every day in the tea-room. The best part? There’s a hot chocolate bar for the experts among you!

Du Rhône

Elegance and refinement with every bite … Make the most of your stay in Geneva to discover Du Rhône, where know-how and excellence combine in top-of-the-range chocolates, which have become a symbol of prestige. Among the specialities, don’t miss the Mocca glacés, the Pure Cocoa Spread, the Mendiants, or the Noble Du Rhône.


With its two Geneva establishments, Zeller celebrates Swiss chocolate in its noblest tradition thanks to its unparalleled authenticity. In the heart of Rues Basses, on the magnificent Place de Longemalle, or in Thônex, discover the Pavés de Genève, chocolate almonds, excellent truffles, pralines, or even the Vrac plates featuring a variety of flavours.


Between Champel and Plainpalais, discover the haute couture of chocolate in this foodie temple with the looks of a contemporary boudoir. Micheli is housed in a recently updated old-school boutique that is as eye-catching as it is mouth-watering! Enjoy the 58% chocolate slabs with Piedmont hazelnuts, roasted on the spot, the homemade spread, and the assortment of pralines that will undoubtedly thrill your senses.

Albert Pougnier

A chocolate factory, a pastry shop, and a bakery: Pougnier has more than one trick up its sleeve to satisfy all your desires! In Carouge, at Cornavin train station, or in the heart of Rues-Basses, Pougnier chocolates are a must in Geneva. Indulge in the Chocomaltine, Fleur de sel, Amandes, or Grand Cru bars, or for the old-fashioned truffles and the coated almonds.

Philippe Pascoët

Philippe Pascoët is a Swiss master chocolatier who’ll have you spellbound at every visit. With his three gourmet establishments, in Champel, Carouge, and in the heart of the Old Town, Pascoët perpetuates artisanal know-how in exquisite and surprising creations. Rochers, tablets, Mendiants and pralines will delight young and old alike. Don’t miss the gorgeous moelleux, available in six flavours!


Martel welcomes you to its Geneva outlets for a 100% artisanal, sense-tingling escapade. For nearly two centuries, Martel has been selecting the best cocoa vintages from around the world and premium ingredients in order to offer some of the best chocolates in the city. Truffles, praline cigars, Carouge cakes, pralines … Give in to temptation!


The historical emblem of Geneva chocolate and one of the pioneers of Swiss chocolate, Favarger is a major icon of the artisanal chocolate industry. The famous Avelines and Nougalines have made, and still make the reputation of the Swiss company, nationally and internationally. Visit the shops in Versoix, Rive, or at the Balexert Shopping Centre, not far from the airport, to discover the sweet delights of Swiss chocolate. The Heritage bars and the chocolate spread won’t leave you unmoved!


Rohr is first and foremost a family story, which began in 1936 in Carouge. Since then, the artisanal company and its know-how, passed down from generation to generation, has continuously delighted sweet tooths from the world over. The traditional Poubelles genevoises, the truffles, and the homemade tablets are must-taste specialities.

Guillaume Bichet

Guillaume Bichet is a creative Swiss chocolatier and pastry chef. Passionate about sweets and pastries since his early childhood, he opened his first shop in 2011 on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Coppet, and is now at the head of two Geneva shops. Mixing tradition and modernity, Bichet has conquered the hearts of all Genevans with his original, sweet-flavoured creations. Don’t miss the Princess almonds, they’re a treat!


The world of Canonica is above all a clever blend of tradition and modernity, combined with the finest ingredients. Established in 1948, the company has perpetuated a certain know-how, brimming with passion and meticulousness in each of its chocolate creations. At the airport or in the brand-new shop on Rue Rousseau, enjoy the manufacturer’s latest creations, including the delicious Tablettes Dégustation or the range of homemade spreads.


Between luxury and sustainability, the Geneva-based company excels in the art of organic, high-end products. In the pure tradition of Swiss craftsmanship, Sweetzerland delights chocolate lovers with ever more inspiring and exotic creations, based on local raw materials and Grand Cru cocoa. Don’t miss the almond dragées, the Sweet Rocks, or the delicious bars.