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Public fountains: a refreshing detail

In Geneva, the public fountains are much more than mere decorative elements; they are a lifeline, offering crystal-clear, drinkable water to everyone. Scattered across the city, these fountains not only quench your thirst but also connect you to Geneva's commitment to sustainability and public health.

Whether you're wandering through the bustling city centre, exploring the serene parks, or taking a leisurely stroll along the lakeside, Geneva's public fountains are never too far away.

Every fountain, with its unique design and history, contributes to the city's picturesque landscape and provides a refreshing pause for explorers and locals alike.

To help you locate these sources of pure, refreshing water during your explorations, a special map has been created. This map is your go-to guide for finding the nearest drinkable water fountain no matter where you are in Geneva. It's particularly handy during warm summer days or after a long walk through the city's enchanting streets.

For easy access to drinkable water on the go, visit GE-Soif to find the closest public fountain. Stay hydrated and enjoy the pure taste of Geneva as you explore its beauty.

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